Динозавр гращенков александр викторович

Elektronnyj arhiv zhurnala Название книги: Динозавр гращенков александр викторович
Страниц: 157
Год: 2009
Жанр: Фантастика

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О книге «Динозавр гращенков александр викторович»

In 1920 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. A man for today’s seekers, he faced life’s essential questions...

More than 100 years ago, in 1905, Walther Nernst discovered the Third Law of Thermodynamics, thus completing this fundamental theory. This is the story, told in full for the first time, of Eberhard Arnold (1883-1935). Challenging traditional accounts of the origins of astrophysics, this book presents the first scholarly biography of nineteenth-century English amateur astronomer William Huggins (1824–1910).

Эберхард Арнольд (1883-1935) - немецкий теолог, педагог и публицист. Osterbrock Book Prize, Historical Astronomy Division, American Astronomical Society. The inventions that are covered occurred in a wide variety of disciplines—physics, mathematics, agriculture, astronomy, and...

Первая книга, рассказывающая в таком объеме о жизни Эберхарда Арнольда. This monograph is devoted to two distinguished mathematicians, Karel Löwner (1893–1968) and Lipman Bers (1914–1993), whose lives are dramatically interlinked with key historical events of the 20th century. Löwner, Professor of Mathematics at the German University in Prague (Czechoslovakia), was dismissed from his position because... The essays are arranged alphabetically from ‘Abbas ibn Firnas to Zworykin, Vladimir. Maxine Benson's finely crafted biography of Martha Maxwell marks an auspicious beginning...

This addition to the Great Lives series offers 409 essays covering significant inventors (27 of them female) worldwide and throughout history. The Women in the West series is designed to reflect the extraordinary range of new research into the contributions made by women to the westward movement and to the subsequent development of western North America.

Mathematicians and lay people alike will enjoy this fascinating book that details the life of George Green, a pioneer in the application of mathematics to physical problems.

In "Beyond Uncertainty, " Cassidy interprets this and other...

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